781 - Gegner im Dunkel
Opponents in the Dark
Clark Darlton

Rhodan and his companions land on Proehndome where they are invited to another representation from the troup The Word. This time, they can attend the performance in full and realize that some hypnotic power is at work, putting the Feyerdalians under its spell. The humans are not affected, though. When Rhodan tries to warn his hosts about The Word, he is met with violent skepticism and the Terrans are locked up because of their heretic comments.

Rhodan investigates the troup and confirms that the performers have hostile intents. He begins to suspect that they are working for the incarnation Vernoc, but he still doesn't manage to convince the Feyerdalians. While he is away, his companions barely escape a bomb attack.

Rhodan learns about the existence of the Inner Cirle, a small group of Feyerdalians who are one step closer to the Empress of Therm, and who live on Yuurmischkohn, an isolated continent of Proehndome. His request to visit this continent are denied, as the Feyerdalians become more and more suspicious about the Terrans.

Cedric Beust

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