780 - Die Testwelt
The Test World
H.G. Francis

On October 11th 3582, the Sol arrives in the Trhuterflieng system, whose fourth planet is Proehndome. However, the two Feyerdalians tell Rhodan that before he can meet the Empress of Therm, the Terrans need to take a test. The Sol is redirected to Caljhool, the sixth planet, where Rhodan meets Joftblahn, the spokesperson for the Empress of Therm.

Rhodan and Galto are submitted to a test in a dangerous jungle, but shortly after the test begins, Joftblahn is kidnapped by a man working for Maltsaan, an ambitious Feyerdalian who wants to become the new spokesperson. In an effort to coerce Joftblahn to step down, the safeties of the testing area are deactivated, and Rhodan and Galto are now in great danger.

Bully and Pucky discover what is going on and after rescuing Joftblahn, they open up the shield around the test area and allow Rhodan and Galto to escape. Shortly thereafter, Joftblahn commits suicide, because he has lost the face, and Maltsaan takes his place.

The new spokesperon then informs Rhodan that the Terrans have failed to pass the test and are therefore undesirable. However, as the Terrans prepare to leave, he contacts Rhodan again to let him know that the decision has been changed and that eight Terrans are now allowed to go to Proehndome. Maltsaan seems to be under some influence, though, and his choice of people puzzles Rhodan: except for himself, the other seven Terrans are very inexperienced Sol members.

Cedric Beust

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