779 - Gucky und der Grauvater
Pucky and the Gray Father
Ernst Vlcek

Perry Rhodan questions the Feyerdalians about the Empress of Therm, but they are reluctant disclosing much information about the super-intelligence. They also claim they have never heard of Bardioc. Shortly thereafter, the Terrans are invited on Kursobilth, one of the main planets of the Feyerdalians.

The central section of the Sol lands on the planet and Rhodan realizes that they are arriving in a time of change. The regent of Kursobilth is not elected, but is chosen before his birth. Every thirty years, the pregnant mother is exposed to the positive mental impulses of 20,000 Feyerdalians who influence the future regent with positive thoughts.

Rhodan learns that a plot has been discovered by the Galansch, the Feyerdalian secret services: a negative mutant, dubbed the "Gray Father", who has infiltrated the 20,000 fathers and will disrupt the process by suggesting negative thoughts to the newborn. Rhodan offers to help discovering the traitor with the mutants, and while the Feyerdalians are initially reluctant, they eventually accept.

Pucky starts investigating and joins forces with Danjsher, an agent of the Galansch, who used to be a mutant but lost his abilities since then. He belongs to the race of the Discorians, and looks a lot like Pucky. Pucky eventually finds the Gray Father and foils his attempts.

In the meantime, Rhodan and Atlan were invited to attend a representation to hear "The Word", which is a play where actors speak in an incomprehensible language, and is supposed to bring enlightenment to whoever hears it. After Pucky's success, the Terrans are invited to visit the planet Proehndome, which is the central planet of the Feyerdalian empire.

Cedric Beust

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