778 - Duell der Außerirdischen
Duel of the Aliens
William Voltz

When Pollard returns to the Terra Patrol, Alaska quickly notices that the young boy is acting strange. They discover the substance that covers his chest but short of having the medical equipment, can't do anything to remove it.

In the meantime, the s-Tarvior has located Langur's ship and a chase starts. Langur knows that he doesn't stand a chance against the heavily armed spaceship, but an event caused by a group of survivors in the city where the fight is happening turns out to his advantage: the s-Tarvios mistakenly assumes that Langur just died in an explosion and, his mission completed, self-destructs.

In a different galaxy, the Module notes the success of the mission of the s-Tarvior. Shortly thereafter, it breaks down and doesn't seem to be able to repair itself.

On the Earth, Langur picks up the rest of the Terra Patrol on board his ship and they manage to extract the substance from Pollard's chest. They determine that it is some kind of waste produced by the giant brain that is being assembled in the basin by the aliens. This waste emits telepathic impulses that affects the living creatures in its vicinity. Langur also determines that the giant brain needs iodine and air in order to live.

Cedric Beust

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