777 - Kampf den Invasoren
Fight the Invaders
William Voltz

Douc Langur has joined with the Terra Patrol and all of them are closely monitoring the activity of the invaders. The basin built by the aliens seems to be the origin of a mental radiation that is slowly gaining in strength. The Terrans observe regular convoys carrying receptacles. They manage to intercept one of them and find out that the containers are filled with some gooey substance. Outnumbered, the Terrans are forced to flee in front of the invaders.

The aliens are called Hulkoos, and they are the servants of the Incarnation Clermac. A long time ago, they met the Incarnation and tried to fight it. They quickly realized that they had more to gain by cooperating with it, and willingfully accepted to serve it instead. On the Earth, they are currently readying the place for the arrival of an entity they refer to as "Small Majesty", whose goal is to take the whole population under its mental influence.

Bluff Pollard, a member of the Terra Patrol, is captured by the Hulkoos. Instead of being killed, he is subjected to a small amount of the substance and then sent back among his compatriots.

The Modul, the space station from where Douc Langur came from and which he lost contact with, is still actively looking for the scientist. The Modul is a research station sent by the Empress of Therm to explore the galaxies in search of life. It possesses a crew of seventy scientists, and Langur used to be one of them. Afraid that Langur might be captured by Bardioc, the Modul's commander, an entity called s-Tarvior, goes on a mission to locate and kill the scientist. The records indicate that Langur's last message was about a solar system that mysteriously appeared out of nowhere at a location that belongs to Bardioc's sphere of influence, hence the alien's concern.

When the s-Tarvior appears in the vicinity of the Earth, Langur realizes the danger and is forced to abandon his spaceship if he doesn't want to be found.

Cedric Beust

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