775 - Die Herren von Sh'donth
The men of Sh'don
Peter Terrid

As Galto Quohlfahrt is about to undergo a minor surgery operation, he finds himself teleported along with a Posbi and a Willy to an unknown location. When he wakes up, he is in the presence of an unknown race who introduces itself as the Feyerdalians. They question Quohlfahrt about the human race and also ask him if he knows anything about the mysterious Incarnation Vernoc. The only thing the half-posbi knows about this entity is that the Tbarghs, and all inhabitants of this solar system, seems to be afraid of a possible intervention of the incarnation.

Shortly thereafter, and helped by his posbi companion and the Willy, Galto escapes and realizes that he is inside Sh'donth, the moon of Xumanth. The Feyerdalians, helped by the Tbarghs, eventually catch him again and tell him they want to meet with Perry Rhodan. They seem extremely curious about the Sol and the accomplishments of the humans in general.

Galto, the posbi, the Willy and two Feyerdalians go to the Sol and they meet with Rhodan. They explain that they are the guardians of this solar system and serve the entity known as the Empress of Therm.

Cedric Beust

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