773 - Der Chaosmacher
The Chaos Maker
H.G. Ewers

Two weeks later, the Sol reaches the galaxy Dh'morvon and lands with the SZ-2 and the central section of the Sol on Xumanth, a planet populated by a people called the Tbahrgs. On the first contact, the Tbahrgs accuse the Terrans to be sent by the Incarnation Vernoc, but they quickly recognize their mistake and explain that this mysterious entity is their enemy and that they expect it to appear soon. They can't explain more because anybody who divulges information about Vernoc immediately gets brainwashed.

Abel Waringer intercepts a hyperradio transmission between Xumanth and its moon, Sh'donth, which contains a picture of the Medalion system. Rhodan determines that the Moon seems to contain a lot of technical installations, more than on Xumanth itself.

Cedric Beust

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