772 - Das Gespenst von Vrinos
The Ghost of Vhrinos
Clark Darlton

The Sol takes off from from Ovaron's planet on August 3rd, 3582. Dobrak confirms that the spaceship would most likely be destroyed if it went through the Pharynx, and he suggests that they head for a nearby cluster that is likely to be the point of reemergence of the Pharynx.

Dobrak proceeds to explain to Rhodan the nature of the order of the universe. This model is similar to an onion, with each layer representing a higher power. The first layer is the basic civilization. The second layer is for civilizations that have achieved space travel. The third layer is populated by superintelligences, which have control over entire galaxies and clusters and care for all living creatures residing there.

Superintelligences are fundamentally good, but just like everyone else, they seek to expand the area they control. Dobrak believes that It is assisting the Terrans because it will serve His agenda.

A small cylinder suddenly appears in the Sol, and Pucky makes contact with it. The cylinder is a message from It, and Pucky follows its instructions by teleporting himself to a nearby planet called Vrinos.

On Vrinos, Pucky discovers Homunk, It's servant. Homunk was on his way to assist Rhodan but he got captured by the strong gravitational field emanating from Vrinos. Homunk tells Pucky that the Terrans are threatened by a superintelligence called Bardioc, which It is currently trying to flee from.

Cedric Beust

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