771 - Rückkehr der Sol
Return of the Sol
H.G. Francis

On Ovaron's planet, Reginald Bull is still trying to convince the government to help him build a Nugas plant, in anticipation of the return of the Sol. The local government refuses and insists that Bull and his men stay on the planet in order to rebuild its civilization, now devoid of men.

As the conflict escalates, the Sol arrives on Ovaron's planet and the construction of the Nugas plant begins. A deadly epidemy starts spreading on the Sol, caused by a mix of germs present in Ovaron's planet's atmosphere and bacteria brought back from Raster Stop on the Sol. A vaccine is finally found, avoiding the death of almost the entirety of the crew.

Galto Quohlfahrt discovers a partial Nugas factory in one of the Posbi ships, and work to fit the plant on the Sol quickly begins.

Dobrak advises against the Sol following the Earth into the Pharynx. He says that there are higher intelligences in the universe, and that It is only one of them. While the immortal has a lot of power, nobody knows in what area the Sol will reemerge, and even It might be helpless there. Dobrak tells Rhodan that he thinks he can take lead the Sol to the Earth by other means.

Cedric Beust

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