770 - Sie suchen Menschen
They look for Men
Ernst Vlcek

The Sol reaches the Maelstrom of the Stars on April 2nd, 3582, but is having difficulties leaving the Septadim halfspace. Vibrations shake the spaceship and the Shetanmargt splits under the effect of a Septadim shockwave. When the Sol finally emerges, Rhodan realizes that the Earth and Medallion are no longer there.

On the Sol, Rhodan has to face a rebellion from the generation that was born on the spaceship. Outnumbered, Rhodan has no choice but to leave the spaceship with the shuttles. Shortly after Rhodan and the officers have left, Seneca informs the crew that the Sol has run out of Nugas and is now floating helplessly in the Maelstrom of the Stars, and it is due to be precipitated in the Pharynx in one month. The Sol born crew calls Rhodan back and the two parties finally get reconciled.

Dobrak determines that the Earth fell into the Pharynx on September 2nd, 3581, and Rhodan sends an expedition to the Lemurian fleet to see if something can be done to prevent the Sol from suffering the same fate. The expedition reports that no spaceships in the Lemurian fleet are airworthy.

The Sol receives an SOS from a solar system located 102 light years from their current position. Quohlfahrt discovers a spaceship sent by its creator to collect information on the Maelstrom of the Stars. Afraid that the robot spaceship might represent a threat for the humans, Quohlfahrt destroys it and returns to the Sol.

Cedric Beust

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