77 - In den Fesseln der Ewigkeit
The bonds of eternity
Clark Darlton

Location: Druufon and Hades (Siamed system), Earth (Solar system) and briefly Gray Beast (Myrtha System).

SHORT SUMMARY (730 char):

Perry Rhodan, operating in Hades, is called back to Terra. The long lost mutant Ernst Ellert had awoken after 70 years. He communicated and revealed himself to be the strange spirit haunting the Druuf Onot, but he cannot return while his espionage is not completed. The Terrans manage to destroy the computer central in Druufon from inside with the aid of matter-transmitters and with the diversion created by the attack of an Arkonid robot battleship and hordes of robots landing on Druufon. Rhodan bargains with the Druuf demanding the technology of the linear propulsion and offering aid against Arkon in the Einstein-universe. Ellert forces Onot to reveal the Druuf technologies and Rhodan gets a prototype of the time-freezer.

LONG SUMMARY (4.5K char):

In the inhospitable planet Hades (Siamed 13), less than a light-hour away from the world of the Druufs, the Terrans had created a hidden subterranean base for a matter-transmitter. Perry Rhodan and the Arkonid Atlan decide to fly to Druufon (Siamed 16) with some mutants in the DRUSUS to make contact with the mysterious stranger who is helping them. With the help of the sentient energy ball, Harno, they make visual contact with Onot, the chief physicist of the Druuf, in whose body the unknown helper lived. Onot was in control of his own body and working again on the prototype of the time-freezer. A hyper radio message from Allan Mercant informed that something incredible has happened back on Earth. Perry Rhodan immediately sets off to Terra with a short drop by Gray Beast. In Terrania, a security central of the Solar Empire received a signal that Ernst Ellert has given a sign of life. Ernst Ellert was a time-space wanderer mutant working with Rhodan who suffered an accident in 1972, turning frozen, but not dead. His spirit was drifting in the whirlpools of time and space for millions of years, incarnating in diverse alien beings. Rhodan had put his body to rest in a mausoleum in Terrania, equipped to let him resurrect at any time. Rhodan already suspected that Ellert's spirit has caught on Onot. Once they all arrive in Ellertís pyramid in Terrania, Rhodan, with Atlan and Harno, opens the entrance of Ellert's resting place. Ellert is still not alive, but part of his spirit has returned, takes possession of Atlan's body and communicates: the crazy journey of the spirit threw him back to the end of the universe and from there into a different time dimension, the red universe of the Druuf. Also Atlan is known to him, the colonization of the Earth by the Arkonids had happened only 3 months before in his time reckoning. Ellert's spirit reported in detail about the time-freezer and the linear propulsion of the Druuf, but he could give details about those only as Onot. The activation of the time-freezer by Gucky had caused the partial liberation of Ellert, but it is not time for him to return yet. He must return to Onot to learn the technological secrets of the Druufs. Before Ellertís mind disappears, he advises the destruction of the central computer in Druufon.

Rhodan returns to Gray Beast. Harno gives a picture of the situation in the Red Universe. 30,000 Arkon robot vessels patrol the overlapping front. They decide to attack through the transmitter stations on Hades and Druufon. They go with the DRUSUS to the unloading zone, in the midst of a fleet of ships of the Springer and make contact with the robotic ruler, which continued to call for an alliance with the Terrans. Rhodan informs the Regent of his plan to break through with a robotic Empire-Class battleship to Druufon to cause chaos there, the ruler agrees. Arkon sends out a battleship and an additional 500 combat robots, which Rhodan takes aboard the DRUSUS. The robots are transported via the transmitter to Hades, where Rhodan is planning the attack for the next day. Using Harnoís skills, Rhodan asks Onot-Ellert, to prepare the transmitter station in Druufon to receive a cargo of Hades the next day.

In Druufon, Onot interpreted his ongoing headache for months as a kind of disease. However, he informed no one and continued the time experiments. The next day, the Council of 66 decides the mobilization of Druufon for defense. At the same time Arkon fleet begins to attack, and a single robot ship his kamikaze action. Meanwhile, Onot lies down to rest and finally Ellert may take physical possession of him. The attack on the discharge zone is raging. A single ship is approaching Druufon. When it came under massive attack, released from all its hatches a robot army to the surface of Druufon. Out of the hundreds only a few reach the ground intact, although there directed at destruction, but are soon eliminated by the defense weapons on the planet. Also, the ship is shot to the wreck. Druufon breathes. Too soon. Rhodan hypocritical message about an impending robot attack confused them all the more. Onot, wakes up, goes to the transmitter station, and is subject to doubt what he was doing. Ellert discloses to Onot their several months together and then forces him under his control. The plan succeeds. The robots of Hades reach Druufon and unleash hell onto the data center.

Rhodan has now landed with the DRUSUS on Druufon. The Druuf ask for help in the underground computer station. Before the Council of the 66 Gucky puts Tommy-1, the translator of the Council to fly. Rhodan plays poker with Tommy-1 to cooperate against Arkon or with Arkon against the Druuf. The prize: the linear propulsion of the Druuf. The Druuf fake to accept the bargain. Tommy-1 yet got a card from his sleeve: the gravo-burner, a kind of gravitational force amplifiers (which Gucky revealed to be only a bluff) by which they would soon defeat all enemies within the Druuf-universe, while Rhodan should take care of the fleets outside, in the Einstein-universe. Elsewhere in Druufon, Ellert urges Onot to seek out his secret laboratory and forces Onot to reveal the plans for the linear propulsion and the time-freezer. Rhodan flies in a shuttle pod to Druufon to pick up Ellert. Onot gives him the prototype of the time-freezer and remains on Druufon to attend to the linear drive. Rhodan flies back with his booty to the DRUSUS.

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