769 - Kinder der Unendlichkeit
Children of the Infinity
H.G. Francis

Halfway to the Maelstrom of the Stars, the Sol stops in a small galaxy for maintenance. They orbit a sun called Raster Stop, whose second planet is inhabited. Puzzling incidents happen on the Sol: Dobrak loses his sense of orientation and wanders aimlessly in the ship, two officers are found mummified and pregnant women give birth to their children simultaneously.

The newborns manifest extreme intelligence and tell the crew of the Sol that they belong to the Seventh dimension, because their metabolism has been altered by the Septadim device mounted on the Sol. The children take control of Dobrak and try to dematerialize to the Seventh dimension with his help, but the attempt fails and Pucky prevents them from taking over the Sol.

The Sol finally resumes its trip and as soon as the Septadim engine is activated, all the children vanish, while Rhodan thinks he recognizes impulses coming from It.

Cedric Beust

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