765 - Fehde der Mächtigen
Feud of the mighty
William Voltz

The encirclement of the SOL by the ships of the NEI worries the SOL natives, for which the generation ship is the homeland. When Atlan threatens to attack on January 31st 3582, Joscan Hellmut decides as a spokesperon of the SOL natives to negotiate with him.

In the DEMETER, Atlan demands that Perry Rhodan accompany him with the SOL on Gaia as a prisoner. Rhodan accepts, and accompanied by Icho Tolot, heads for Provcon Faust, while meditating on It's prophecy, which seems to become closer to be fulfilled every day.

Seven hours before the Sol arrives on Gaia, all the Mucies on the planet mysteriously commit suicide. As soon as he arrives, Rhodan is accused to be behind the suicides but he denies it. Once again, Rhodan tries to convince the inhabitants of Gaia to help him free the Milky Way but hardly anyone votes in his favor. Rhodan decides to go back to the Maelstrom of the Stars, leaving behind him the Old Mutants and Julian Tifflor.

As Atlan feels more and more isolated in Provcon-Faust, he decides to join Rhodan and the Sol leaves the dark cloud on February 17th, with the two immortals finally reconciled.

On Rolfth, Hotrenor-Taak learns that the connection to the other peoples of the Council has been severed. He decides to take this opportunity to be the sole ruler of the Milky Way.

Cedric Beust

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