763 - Inferno im Kosmos
Inferno in the Cosmos
H.G. Ewers

Hotrenor-Taak receives the Mucy delegation and accepts to reconize the Multi-Cyborgs as a sovereign race. The Laren asks for the location of Yolschor in order to offer them protection and the Mucy's comply. Shortly thereafter, Hotrenor-Taak has the Mucy delegation killed and their spaceship destroyed. Then he dispatches a fleet to Yolschor.

Worried about the evolution of the Mucy situation, Rhodan heads for Yolschor and arrives in the same time as the Laren fleet. Rhodan desperately tries to explain to the Cyborgs that they are making a fatal mistake but they won't listen. The Larens launch their offensive against the main planets.

When they realized they have been betrayed, the Mucy's commit a collective suicide and destroy their own planets. Already fooled by such a strategem, Hotrenor-Taak doesn't call off the attack and mercilessly destroys the whole system.

Atlan arrives in the dark cloud to see the Mucy's planets being consumed by an atomic fire. When he detects the Sol nearby, he is convinced that Rhodan betrayed them and that he is responsible for the extermination of the cyborgs.

Cedric Beust

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