758 - Die Einsamen von Terra
The Lonesome of Terra
William Voltz

Several survivors wake up on the Earth. All have in common that shortly before the Earth entered the Pharynx, they absorbed massive quantities of Pills. This fact seems to have immunized them against whatever happened to the rest of the humanity. The date is January 4th, 3582, four months after the Earth entered the pharynx. They seem to have been in some sort of stasis during this time. The survivors decide to head for Terrania.

Meanwhile, the incarnation Clermac decides to investigate the solar system and dispatches a spaceship.

After reviewing some of the documents he found, Douc Langur identifies the Earth capitol and he heads there, where he meets the survivors. The initial contact is catastrophic and a fight ensues, where Langur gets injured. Alaska intervenes and manages to clear up the misunderstanding.

Cedric Beust

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