754 - Zwischenspiel auf Rolfth
Interlude on Rolf
H.G. Ewers

Hotrenor-Taak is still suspicious about the story that the Keloskians told him. He can't understand why he wasn't informed about the fate of Balayndagar, so he decides to send a ship to the home galaxy of the Larens. When the Keloskians learn about this decision, they become very nervous.

The messenger spaceship comes back from the Laren galaxy and confirms every point the Keloskians said: Balayndagar was destroyed, Rhodan stole the Beraghskolth and the Council no longer has any contacts with the Keloskians. But the answer comes too late: three Keloskians, worried that Hotrenor-Taak would see through their deception, decided to run away.

Cedric Beust

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