753 - Strategen des Universums
Strategists of the Universe
Ernst Vlcek

With the help of Dobrak, the Keloskian mathematician, Rhodan designs a plan to overthrow the Larens in the Milky Way over the next century. A fragment ship of the Posbis is first fitted with a Sextadim engine, thus making it plausible that it came from the Balayndagar galaxy. Twenty-six Keloskians go on board, supervies by Quohlfahrt, the half-posbi human. Then the Keloskians create a pseudo black hole at the periphery of the Milky Way, from which the fragment spaceships pretends to emerge.

As soon as they detect the shockwave, the Larens rush to the place where the black hole appeared, aware that only Keloskians have the technology to break a hole in the seventh dimension. They arrive just in time to see the Sol heavily firing upon the posbi spaceship, then vanishing, allegedly because it was outnumbered.

The Keloskians are brought on board the Laren spaceship and immediately demand to see Hotrenor-Taak. Quohlfahrt can't escape the Laren commando and is captured as well, although the Larens quickly believe that he is just a harmless human cyborg.

The Keloskians tell their story to Hotrenor-Taak... Perry Rhodan and a posbi spaceship appeared in Balayndagar and started to attack mercilessly the Keloskian worlds. During the fight, the Altrakulfth is destroyed, hence condemning the whole galaxy to disappear in the nearby black hole. Rhodan also took the opportunity to go to the Laren galaxy and steal the Beraghskolth.

The Keloskians fought back and managed to capture the fragment spaceship, then they escaped. Only twenty-six of them survived. The Keloskian narrator tells Hotrenor-Taak that there is only one explanation: Rhodan must have been informed by a member of the Council of the Seven about Balayndagar and the Beraghskolth.

Initiall distrustful, Hotrenor-Taak eventually believes the Keloskians and decides to break from the Council, in an attempt at identifying the traitor. He demands that from now on, the Keloskians work for him exclusively and help him finally squash the NEI and also identify the traitor. The Keloskians accept.

Cedric Beust

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