752 - Die Konfrontation
The Confrontation
H.G. Francis

Rhodan and Atlan meet and it's clear that they won't reach an agreement. Rhodan asks his old friend if he can get a spaceship from the NEI. Atlan initially refuses but when Rhodan wins a popular vote, the Arkonide is forced to give him what he wants. Disappointed by the attitude of his friend, Rhodan and his crew leave Provcon-Faust.

On his side, Atlan asks to meet Hotrenor-Taak, which the Laren quickly accepts. Accompanied by Julian Tifflor, Atlan meets the Laren commander and tells him that Rhodan intends to move against him. Atlan tries to make a deal with Hotrenor-Taak: he promises that the NEI will not assist Rhodan in return, the Larens do not retalliate against civil populations when the conflict breaks out.

Hotrenor-Taak refuses and tries to capture the two men, who manage to escape from the trap laid out by the Laren.

Cedric Beust

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