751 - Testfall Sonnenbote
The Solar Messenger
H.G. Francis

A supply ship meets with the Sol and replenishes its NU-Gas tanks. Rhodan heads for Denmork, the main planet of the Vhrato cult. He is greeted with great defiance and even hostility. He understands that after that fake Rhodan that the Larens tried to impose, the Terrans do not trust easily. On top of that, the main priests of the Vhrato cult are worried that the return of the real Rhodan in the Milky Way will undermine their power.

Tifflor arrives on Denmork, coming directly from Gaa, in the Dark Cloud. He quickly understands that he is talking to the real Rhodan but he explains that since 150 years, a certain level of understanding and peace has settled in the Milky Way under the reign of the Larens, and that the New Einstein Empire is not interested in stirring up trouble and disturbing the fragile balance.

Cedric Beust

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