749 - Plan der Vollendung
Plan of Perfection
Kurt Mahr

As the Earth is nearing the Pharynx, Bully locates the factory that manufactures the Pill and breaks into it. He is captured and learns that Nathan created the mysterious medication in an attempt to rescue the humans from the Aphily. Before releasing Bull, The giant computer tells him that these actions are in line with the Plan of Perfection but refuses to give more information.

Bull takes takes the lead of a heavy cruiser and takes off from the Earth, settling at a secure distance with all the resistants, where they observe helplessly as the Earth disappears in the cosmic anomaly. At the last minute, Nathan exchanges messages with a mysterious entity confirming that the Plan of Perfection is going according to plan. The mysterious being is nobody else than It, who devised this plan and decided to take the twenty billion Terrans on the Earth under its protection.

Cedric Beust

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