748 - Raphael, der Unheimliche
Raphael, the Uncanny
Kurt Mahr

On the Earth, Bull and Trevor Casalle sign a truce. As the Earth is nearing the Pharynx, both Aphilians and Immunes must work together to rescue the humanity. A first plan starts but they soon realize that the capacity of the spaceships will be insufficient to evacuate the whole population.

A mysterious man called Raphael proposes to build cylindric spaceships using a very old factory, that will need to be restored. Bull is wary of the man but since the plan makes sense, construction of the spaceships starts immediately. At the same moment, a new drug called PILL appears: it allows Aphilians to become immune for a short period of time. Despite all his efforts, Bull can't find its origin.

The factory is sabotaged and construction is halted. Bully finally identifies the opponent: it's nobody else than Nathan, the positronic computer on the Moon. Bull disables its control over the Earth machineries, thus bringing the factories to a halt, but Nathan refuses to explain why he is trying to prevent the humanity from leaving the Earth. All that Bull can learn is that Nathan's plan is called "Plan of Perfection".

Cedric Beust

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