745 - Die Rache der Dimensionauten
The revenge of the Dimensionauts
H.G. Ewers

A commando led by Takvorian is sent on Kernoth to rescue Pucky and the Specialists of the Night. On the planet, the Terrans free more prisoners of the Zgmahkonians, including a Laktonian, a strange being that has the ability to become invisible and also to visualize six hours in the future. Thanks to his assistance, the commando quickly makes contact with Pucky and the Terrans leave Kernoth.

The psychic forces unleashed by the Specialists of the Night have destabilized the Dakkardim, and several holes open up in the fabric. Dobrak says that the area will soon become stable again, and that they must take a chance now. The Sol leaves through one of the tunnels. On Grojocko, the Guardians of the Void realize that without the Specialists of the Night, they will be stranded forever in the Dakkardim.

They propose a deal to Rhodan: they will stop pursuing the Terrans if the Specialists accept to lead them safely outside the Dakkardim. Initially reluctant, the Specialists eventually accept. As soon as the Guardians of the Void enter the tunnel, their spaceship blows up. Olw confesses to Rhodan that he couldn't let the dictators who oppressed his people for so long get away like this and that he had to kill them.

Cedric Beust

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