744 - Die letzten der Koltonen
The Last Koltonians
H.G. Francis

The past. Thousands of years ago, the Koltonians were ruling and spreading terror over several galaxies. Then they went through a phase of their evolution that killed almost all of them, and turned them into psychic beings. The few survivors tried to find a way to restore the once blooming Koltonian empire and devised a plan when they found the planet Grojocko, where the Zgmahkonians were living. The planet was threatened to be engulfed by a black hole back then, so the Koltonians decided to possess the body of their brightest scientist, Galkon Erryog.

Erryog received the technical training necessary to take the planet through the black hole. Once Grojocko arrived in the Dakkar-Dimension, Erryog, still under the Koltonian's influence, created the Specialists of the Nights, who turn out to be the mysterious first race of the Council of the Seven. Later, the Koltonians would use the twelve Specialists to rebuild their empire.

The present. As the Sol is getting close to Kernoth, Pucky falls under the influence of the Koltonians and learns the truth about the Specialists of the Night. He manages to fight back the psychic attack and the Koltonians retreat, for now. A mission is sent to Kernoth to free the Specialists. As soon as they are all gathered together, they unleash their psychic forces and destroy the fortress where they were being held prisoners. However, their shuttle is shot down as they are trying to escape and they remain stranded on Kernoth.

The Koltonian flagship materializes near the Sol and their leader demands an absolute surrender of both the Terrans and the Specialists. Rhodan complies. As soon as the Koltonian commandant boards the Sol, Rhodan starts the Beraghskolth and the Koltonian spaceship is destroyed with its crew.

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