743 - Inferno der Dimensionen
The Dimensional Inferno
Hans Kneifel

The construction of the Beraghskolth is finally achieved but on the first test, something goes wrong and one of the shuttles vanishes. Helped by Dobrak, Pi and Olw, the scientists manage to stabilize the device and bring back the crew in the normal dimension. The second attempt is successful and Rhodan manages to create an interdimensional bubble that engulfs the Sol.

In the meantime, the Larens, worried that they didn't hear any news from the Keloskians in a long time, come to the Dakkarzone and meet with the Zgmahkonians, who tell them that they can't reach the Keloskian galaxy either. They can't explain why. The Larens return to their galaxy, but they are worried since the plans of the Council of the Seven depend heavily on the Keloskians.

Rhodan decides that more testing is necessary before the Sol attempts to reach the Milky Way. Pi and Olw ask him to free the other ten Specialists of the Night before the Terrans leave. Rhodan accepts and the Sol heads for Kernoth.

Cedric Beust

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