742 - Rückkehr fraglich
Return doubtful
Clark Darlton

On the Sol, the installation of the Beraghskolths continues, but the nervosity of the crew seems to increase as more and more fights erupt on the spaceship. Rhodan suspects the Keloskian device to be the cause of the ambient hostility. Also, the Zgmahkonians are actively looking for the Sol, and closing in every day, probably helped by the radiations emitted by the Beraghskolths.

Pucky embarks on a reconaissance shuttle in the Dakkarzone. During the flight, he is surprised to be able to detect thoughts, as Zgmahkonians are typically protected againt telepaths. The thoughts are coming from Owogg and Yaiska, two Specialists of the Night, who have just awakened from their long sleep and are being taken to an isolated planet, Kernoth, by the Zgmahkonians.

Pucky makes contact with Yaiska and the young girl, who happens to be a telepath as well, recognizes the mousebeaver as an ally. She lets him into her thoughts and Pucky learns her story, which dates back hundreds of years. Pucky learns a surprising detail about the origin of the Specialists of the Night: although it is believed that they were created by a Zgmahkonian called Galkon Erryog, Yaiska is convinced that it is actually a mysterious power that created the twelve Specialists of the Night, but she was put back in deep sleep before she could investigate the issue.

Pucky decides to rescue Owogg and Yaiska. He tries to teleport on board the Zgmahkonian spaceship but a parapsi shield captures him. The Zgmahkonian spaceship lands on Kernoth and Pucky manages to escape. He is picked up by the shuttle and flies back to the Sol. When Rhodan hears his report, he wonders if the power that created the Specialists of the Night wouldn't be the mysterious seventh race of the Council.

Cedric Beust

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