740 - Der Schaltmeister von Orcsy
The Switch-Masters from Orcsy
William Voltz

Kor Kalmeck is a messenger sent by the New Einstein Imperium to invite two Halutians to attend a forthcoming conference in Provcon-Faust. On their way to the dark cloud, they come across the fake Marco Polo, who hails them. Kalmeck talks with Perry Rhodan and is quickly convinced to come on board and lead the impostor to Provcon-Faust, with the Halutian spaceship tagging along.

Kalmeck gives Rhodan directions to reach the first waypoint to the NEI, but he starts having doubts when he realizes the engines are not proton-based. He quickly realizes that this is not the real Marco Polo and knows that the only way he can get out of this situation is by leading the impostor to a fake destination.

A century ago, when Atlan created the NEI and based its headquarters in Provcon-Faust, he realized that he needed to create a decoy in case something would go wrong. He chose a dark cloud called Yolschor. The main planet of the planetary system they chose is called Orcsy, and is populated by Multi-Cyborgs. Seven of them are in control of a special installation that is able to project illusions of spaceships. These Cyborgs are called the Switch Masters.

Kalmeck decides to lead the Marco Polo, still followed in secret by SVE ships, to Yolschor. When they reach their goal, Kalmeck and the two Halutians are made prisoner and the assault on Orcsy begins. On the planet, the Multi-Cyborgs are fully aware of the situation but enabling the projecting device is not enough to fool the Larens. Orcsy and its inhabitants are destroyed, but Hoternor-Taak knows that this was not the hiding place of humanity. As he decides to torture Kor Kalmeck, the NEI agent becomes insane and is eventually killed the fake Perry Rhodan.

Cedric Beust

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