739 - Operation Doppelgänger
Operation Doubles
H.G. Francis

On the SZ-2, Ras Tschubai is diagnosed with cancer. Neither the medication nor his cell activator seem to be able to stop the disease. It's at this moment that he learns about the return of Rhodan in the Galaxy. He decides to meet him and the spaceship heads for Enjock, where the Marco Polo is currently located.

On Enjock, the Marco Polo has been faking a fight against the Larens and the impostor Perry Rhodan is warmly greeted there. A USO agent meets with Perry Rhodan, who pretends he needs to validate his identity. To prove himself, the agent must tell the location of the New Einstein Imperium.

The SZ-2 lands on Enjock and Tschubai teleports on the Marco Polo. A quick investigation reveals that the spaceship doesn't have proton-based engines, and that it can therefore not be Rhodan's flagship. Also, Tschubai sees the emotionaut, who can only be an impostor since the original one is on the SZ-2. Persuaded that this is an elaborate trap from the Larens, Tschubai manages to free the USO agent as he was about to tell the secret of the NEI.

Back on the SZ-2, Tschubai realizes that taking off his cell activator allows the medicine to work, and he can therefore be cured of his cancer.

Cedric Beust

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