737 - Unternehmen NUG
Operation NUG
Ernst Vlcek

On Olymp, Anson Argyris is still leading the resistance against the Larens. Recently, the Larens withdrew all their fleet from the system, hardly leaving any protection on the planet. The Vario-Robot decides to investigate. As clues lead him toward the NUG fuel reserve, he receives a old but valid identification code from a spaceship.

When the SZ-2 enters the system of Olymp, Atlan is puzzled to discover that no Larens can be detected. A trap has indeed been laid out by Hotrenor-Taak on Olymp, who always suspected that Rhodan would return to the Milky Way. This could only happen with an interstellar ship using NU-Gas. Therefore, he blockaded two of the main NU-Gas factories and left Olymp unguarded, hoping to lure Rhodan into a trap. Of course, he doesn't know that Rhodan is not on board the SZ-2.

On Olymp, Argyris understands that the Larens are trying to trap the spaceship and decides to act. The SZ-2 starts loading up gas and just as the Larens are about to intervene, Argyris detonates a bomb in the plant. Using the ensuing chaos, the SZ-2 takes off safely. Its tanks are not full, but it's got enough gas to keep flying for a while.

Cedric Beust

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