736 - Rächer zwischen den Sternen
Avengers between the stars
Clark Darlton

Glytha Vermeeren is leading a colony of Terrans in search of a planet where they could live away from the Larens. Shortly after they've found a suitable haven, spaceships from the Heavies spot them and capture them. As they are about to be taken away, the shadow ship of the legendary Vhrato appears and destroys the Heavies.

Vhrato turns out to be nothing else than the SZ-2, the second "Cell" of the Sol, which has finally reached the Milky Way after a one hundred and twenty year trip from the Maelstrom of Stars. The SZ-2, commanded by Senco Ahrat, has used the Vhrato legend to start motivating the resistance within the Milky Way, and using visual effects to make its appearance more impressive.

The SZ-2 contacts Atlan who quickly joins them and is delighted to learn that Perry Rhodan is still alive, although his whereabout in the Dhakkar zone are unkown. The SZ-2 is running out of energy, though, and it becomes vital that its supplies be replenished. Atlan knows of three supply planets that could refuel the SZ-2, but the first two are massively guarded by the Larens. The only possibility is Olymp, where the SZ-2 and Atlan decide to go.

Cedric Beust

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