731 - Die Diebe von der Sol
The Thieves from the Sol
William Voltz

The Terrans capture a Zgmahkonian ship and a commando led by Alaska, Icho Tolot and Pucky enters the dimensional tunnel that takes them to the Laren galaxy. Using the Zgmahkonian databank, they learn about Volterhagen, a planet where at least one of these devices, called Beraghskolth, can be found.

Volterhagen is a research planet where Laren scientists are trying to find a way to power their SVE-spaceships without using the Mastibek pyramids. So far, their efforts have not been successful. Pucky, Alaska and Icho Tolot teleport on the planet and quickly locate the Beraghskolth.

The Laren defenses on the planet are minimal, so the Terrans don't have much trouble stealing the Beraghskolth. During the fight, Icho Tolot gives birth to his kid but the baby Halutian dies shortly thereafter. The Laren scientists report that the device has been stolen by Zgmahkonians, since they are the only people who can travel through the interdimensional tunnels.

Cedric Beust

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