730 - Wege ins Nichts
Trails into the Void
William Voltz

Py suspects the Guardians of the Void to have implanted something inside her brain that will allow them to track her. She decides to leave the Inter-Zone with a Zgmahkonian accomplice who owns a spaceship.

On the Sol, Icho Tolot seems to be suffering from some kind of disease : his skin is taking on a greenish hue and he now hides most of the time. Alaska tries to ask him what is going on but the Halutian won't tell. Rhodan asks Alaska to take a Zgmahkonian shuttle, the Mariachi, and explore the vicinity with Olw, hoping that the Specialist of the Night will be able to locate Py. He quickly finds her trace and the Mariachi enter the tunnel that lead to the Greiko galaxy.

In the tunnel, Py's spaceship is stopped by a Zgmahkonian spaceship. At this moment, the Guardians of the Void trigger the cell they implanted in her brain, incpacitating brutally the two crews. Only Py and the captain of the other spaceship, who happened to be wearing his spacesuit then, are untouched. He captures Py and tries to get her to tell what she is doing in the tunnel and what happened to the crews.

The Mariachi arrives near the two spaceships and Alaska, protected by his Suit of Annihilation, frees Py from the Zgmahkonian captain. Romeo and Julia perform a surgery on Py, removing the tracer, and the Mariachi returns safely to the Sol with the two Specialists of the Night on board.

During the debriefing, Dobrak explains that it is impossible for the Sol to be fitted with the necessary Zgmahkonian devices that would allow them to travel through the tunnel. Therefore, Perry Rhodan has no choice : a commando must be sent into the Laren galaxy in order to bring back the technology that allows them to travel through the tunnel.

Meanwhile, Icho Tolot is not getting better and Alaska finally gets the information from the Keloskian mathematician : the Halutian is about to give birth.

Cedric Beust

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