729 - Die Nullbewahrer
The Guardians of the Void
H.G. Ewers

Mitron, one of the Guardians of the Void, tells his colleagues that they need to eliminate the Terrans. Mitron knows about Olw's feelings for Py, another Specialist of the Night, therefore he thinks the Terrans will try to free her. The Guardians devise a plan and Mitron wakes Py up, telling her about the recent events. Even though he pretends that Olw has been kidnapped by the Terrans, Py suspects that he actually joined them willingfully. Nevertheless, she decides to play along and accepts to help the Guardians.

Olw tells Rhodan about Lennyth, the planet where Py is resting. The Terrans decide to land in a forbidden zone of the planet, where several Zgmahkonians have disappeared without trace in the past. As they start exploring the place, Kasom disappears. Pucky tries to find him and meets a psychic, plasma-based creature called Tgulv that was hiding in the caves of the planet. Glad to be freed, the creature tells Pucky about the Drushbars, constantly mutating organisms that live in the air of the planet and are reponsible for the disappearances. Kasoms is freed with Tgulv's help and the commando returns to their initial mission.

When they finally break inside the pyramid where Py is resting, the woman is gone. She left an encrypted message for Olw, telling him that she is trying to escape from the Guardians of the Void who, she thinks, are trying to manipulate her. The Terrans return on board the Sol, wondering how they will be able to find her now.

Cedric Beust

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