721 - Die Stimmen der Toten
The Voices of the Dead
Ernst Vlcek

Three spaceships led by Ronald Tekener are sent out in the void between the Milky Way and Andromeda in order to make contact with the Maahks. When they arrive at the first space station, Lookout, they realize that the base is empty. As they explore the base, they discover three thousand dead bodies of Maahks. A further investigation reveals that a psychic connection seems to exist toward the next base in the void, Midway. The Terran fleet heads there.

Things are similar on Midway: three thousand dead bodies and a connection to both Lookout and the Andro-Alpha micro-nebula. As they are about to leave, a fleet of Maahk ship materializes near Midway and asks the Terrans to surrender. Confident in the peace treaty between Maahks and Terrans, Tekener complies and the Maahks capture the three ships..

After questioning them, the Maahks release them and apologize, explaining that they thought they were sent by the Council of the Seven. The Maahks didn't know that a resistance against the Larens existed in the Milky Way. They explain that the dead Maahks have been genetically altered. Although they appear dead, they act as sentinels and are supposed to send a message to the Maahks if the Larens make a move toward Andromeda.

When Ronald Tekener explains that the resistance needs help against the Larens, the Maahks refuse, They say that ever since the Council took over the Milky Way, the treaties between Terrans and Maahks no longer apply and therefore, they will not confront the Larens. Disappointed, Tekener heads back toward the Milky Way.

Cedric Beust

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