720 - Todeskommando Last Hope
Commando for Last Hope
H.G. Ewers

Atlan decides that in order to get rid of the Larens, the Milky Way will need to ask for external help. A first step in that plan is to try to contact the Ganjasians, in the Sombrero Galaxy. In the past, the Terrans helped this people, and more precisely their leader, Ovaron. Atlan hopes that they will remember this and will accept to help the humanity.

However, a special device is needed to contact Ovaron in his distant galaxy: a Dakkarkom. The only plan left is kept by Abel Waringer on his planet, Last Stop, which is under close surveillance by the Larens.

A commando is sent out on the planet. Camouflaged as local animals that dwell there on the surface of the planet, the Terran commando successfully retrieves the plans for the Dakkarkom from the Larens and escapes.

Cedric Beust

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