72 - Die Gesandten von Aurigel
The Ambassadors From Aurigel
Kurt Mahr

After the destruction of the Whistler vessel on Grautier, the two remaining vessels of the Whistler fleet from the planet, Heeninniy, are still expected.

On Grautier, an auxiliary vessel of the ADVENTUROUS is repaired. Renamed FAIR LADY, it must land on the home planet of the Whistlers in order to banish all danger of invasion forever. It takes off on 16 August 2042. In order not to be recognized, the crew of thirteen men speaks only French.

The vessel is welcomed with pomp and ceremony on Heeninniy. Iiy-Juur-Eelie, the President-King, appears and welcomes them at the palace. Three Terrans remain in secret on board of the FAIR LADY. The Terrans present themselves as ambassadors from the planet Aurigel, a made-up planet supposedly located seven light-years from Heeninniy.

In the absence of the Terrans, the Whistlers enter the FAIR LADY and photograph documents that they then decipher. These documents, however, are fakes which have been intentionally planted and which describe Aurigel as a great military power. Iiy-Juur-Eelie wants to move his visitors further away from the FAIR LADY by forcing their plane crash in the desert so that he can search their ship quietly. The Terrans send a message toward Feejnee, another planet of the system, in order to deceive the Whistlers.

They then go for a walk in the city and meet a Whistler in a bar who invites them to a secret meeting. At the same time, in order to sow confusion on Heeninniy and thereby divert attention from Grautier, the Terrans stick up posters inciting a revolt against the visitors. Chellish and Mullon meet a mysterious Whistler who is part of a resistance movement.

Meanwhile, Fij-Gul, the aide de camp of admiral Wee-Nii, notices some resemblances between the language of the visitors - French - and the one of the occupants of the planet 7, Weelie-Wee (the Whistler name for the planet Grautier). He ends up discovering that the name FAIR LADY comes from the language of the strangers on Weelie-Wee and that the supposed ambassadors from Aurigel are impostors.

The Terrans are stopped during an excursion in the city, the secret services having placed some micro-tracking devices in their cars.

About two hundred Whistlers look for a way to enter the FAIR LADY but a protective shield is now in place. In his cell, Chellish is interrogated by Gii-Yeep, the chief of the secret services, and tortured. He reveals the nature of the protective field, and a Whistler technician takes notes. Later, a Whistler insurgent helps the Terrans to escape. They end up entering the quarters of Iiy-Juur-Eelie who they capture.

Driven back, they are saved by the sudden arrival of the SOLAR SYSTEM and two other cruisers. The Solar Imperium has decided to establish a base in this space sector.

Michael Mahoney 2012-08-23

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