719 - Fluchtpunkt Ovarons Planet
Destination: Ovaron
H.G. Ewers

In the secret base Porta Pato, Bull and his team are getting ready to send the Pharaoh back to Ovaron. The problem is Nathan, the positronic computer on the Moon, who they have to fool. Bull takes the lead of a small commando that teleports to the Moon to create a diversion.

The diversion is a success and the Pharaoh manages to leave the Solar System, heading for the distant Ovaron. However, Bull and his men are being chased by Aphilians on the Moon and their situation is getting desperate. As they are about to be captured, they are surprisingly rescued by Nathan, who opens up a transmitter that takes them back to Porta Pato. Although relieved to learn that the Pharaoh made it, Bull is more than puzzled by Nathan's behavior and worried about the fact that the giant computer knows the coordinates of their base.

Cedric Beust

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