718 - Geheimmission der Frauen
Secret Mission of the Women
Hans Kneifel

Forty years ago, as the Aphily was just beginning, Rhodan decided to send several thousand of Terrans on an away planet, in an attempt to be safe from the radiations of Medallion. A crew evenly made of men and women left the Earth on board the Pharaoh and settled on a planet called Ovaron. Shortly after they landed, all the men started suffering from an unknown disease, while the women were left untouched.

Forty years later, all the men have died and Ovaron is now only populated by women and four of them are sent on a mission back to Earth. They must find out if the Aphily is still prevailing and if it is, find healthy men and bring them back to Ovaron, or their colony will perish.

The women, led by their captain, Marhola, make contact with Jocelyn, the outsider, who decides to help them. He saves them from the Aphilian police and makes contact with the resistance. Roi Danton and Bully are suspicious at first but when one of the scientists identifies Marhola as his daughter, they understand that the four women are indeed coming from Ovaron and they let them in the secret base.

Cedric Beust

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