717 - Das Ende von Balayndagar
The End of Balayndagar
William Voltz

Seneca explains to Rhodan the reasons behind its recent actions. Despite the appearances, the computer has never stopped working for the welfare of humanity. At the minute where it detected the existence of the Shetanmargt, Seneca had decided it would steal it from the Keloskians. The idea is to deprive the Keloskians from a crucial piece of equipment, but also on a longer term, to foil the future plans of the Council by feeding them bogus instructions.

Rhodan cannot hide his mistrust, arguing that there was no way Seneca might have detected the Keloskian device. Seneca explains that it received additional information from It when they arrived on Last Stop.

Rhodan is stunned by this revelation, and although he still doesn't trust completely Seneca, he is forced to rely on him for the time being. The influence of the black hole can now be felt on Last Stop, so they must take off right away. Thanks to the Shetanmargt, the Sol can now leave the planet. A group of fifty Keloskians is taken on board and the Sol takes off.

Before they leave Balayndagar definitely, Seneca tells Rhodan that they must pick up Dobrak. He is the best Keloskian mathematician, and without him, they will never be able to leave the small galaxy. Seneca insists that Icho Tolot and Alaska Saedelaere be sent on this mission. They both depart for Sorgh, the planet where the mathematician is supposed to be.

In the same time, an SVE-spaceship lands on Sorgh. The Larens are looking for Dobrak as well, but the Keloskian doesn't want to be taken away by the Larens and hides. The Laren commander asks one of his assistants to pretend to be Dobrak so that he can tell his superiors that his mission was successful. The SVE spaceship takes off with the pseudo-Dobrak on board.

Saedelaere and Tolot land on Sorgh and find Dobrak. When the Keloskian realizes that the Terrans own the Shetanmargt, he decides to follow them. He is also extremely intrigued by the Suit of Annihilation, which Alaska is wearing. They make it back to the Sol as the situation is becoming critical on the spaceship.

Dobak asks to be assisted by the twin brothers. Despite the efforts of the young mutants, the situation is helpless and the Sol can't break free from the growing attraction generated by the black hole. The Emraddin brothers dematerialize to some unknown destination and Dobrak realizes that there is only one alternative : they have to dive in the center of the black hole. Rhodan recognizes that they don't have any choice and the Sol is soon engulfed by the black hole.

Cedric Beust

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