716 - Unheil aus fremder Dimension
Disaster in a Strange Dimension
Clark Darlton

The Brescian arrives near Takrebotan and Rhodan quickly spots an odd-looking spaceship surrounded by a Keloskian fleet. The construction is a seven hundred long cylinder and no doubt is possible : it is the Shetanmargt. Rhodan is more and more convinced that the Larens are unware of the existence of this machine. Rhodan, Pucky and Hellmut teleport on board the Shetanmargt.

Joscan Hellmut starts acting strangely when he discovers the inside of the Keloskian construction. Pucky and Rhodan get locked inside a force field and instead of helping them, Hellmut tells them that the Shetanmargt must not be destroyed, and that he will therefore help the Keloskians take it to a safe place with the Sol. Hellmut comes back on the Brescia and tells the crew that if they don't turn in Romeo and Julia to the Keloskian, Rhodan and Pucky will be killed. The Terrans are forced to comply. Shortly thereafter, the Shetanmargt departs for Last Stop.

On Last Stop, the Terrans detect SVE-spaceships headed toward the galaxy. They don't know yet what their goal is but they suspect that the Larens must have detected the emerging black hole in Balayndagar and are coming to investigate. The Shetanmargt lands on Last Stop and start disassembling itself. The pieces enter the Sol and merge with Seneca through a process that Rhodan and Pucky can't understand. Hellmut tells them that the Shetanmargt contains the total knowledge of the Keloskians, but that it is also an incredibly powerful computer capable of the most complex calculations based on 7-D arithmetics.

As the helpless Terrans outside the Sol watch the process, a small group has detected a construction in the nearby mountain and sets on to explore it. They discover an old observatory that has obviously not been used for several thousand years. The machines inside are still operational and they can easily spot the fleet of Laren spaceships as they enter Balayndagar.

Cedric Beust

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