715 - Kampf um die Sol
Fight on the Sol
H.G. Ewers

Romeo and Julia have reactivated themselves and taken control of the Brescia back. They paralyze Joscan Hellmut and head back to Takrebotan, where they are received by Kudan. A crew of Keloskians board the spaceship and head for Last Stop.

On Last Stop, Seneca has paralyzed the whole crew, except for Perry Rhodan and a small team, unaware of the recent events, and who are still on the surface of the planet, looking for more Keloskian Gadgets to analyze. They find one and return to the Sol. Pucky quickly detects that something is wrong on the spaceship and they realize that they no longer control it.

The Brescia and a small fleet land on Last Stop and the loading of Keloskian devices begins. On the Sol, a group of Siganese awakens from their paralysis and heads toward the headquarters of Seneca. They threaten the giant computer to destroy its ego-sector, forcing the Keloskians to cancel their operation. Perry Rhodan is back in command of the Sol, now loaded up with the principal machines of the Keloskians.

Cedric Beust

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