714 - Kinder der Sol
Children of the SOL
H.G. Ewers

Reports of mysterious phenomena are brought to Rhodan's attention : as a crewmember of the Sol was about to drown in a nearby river, he was rescued at the last minute by a blue hand, and then teleported back on board. The story is confirmed by Pucky.

Joscan Hellmut, the cybernetician in charge of Romeo and Julia, is sent on a mission aboard the Brescia : he must seek out a Keloskian planet and try to conclude a pact with them. During the flight, he catches the glimpse of two children walking in the spaceship but nobody else sees them besides him. Romeo and Julia take control of the spaceship and lead it to an unknown planet in the Borghal system. The sun is a powerful 5D radiation emitter and the whole area is shaken by violent hyper vibrations.

The Brescia lands and is quickly surrounded by Keloskians. Romeo and Julia turn the Terran crew in to Kudan, the local commander of the Keloskians. The Terrans are unharmed but condemned to live the rest of their lives on the planet, Takrebotan. A Keloskian crew boards the spaceship and takes off, with Joscan and the two robots on board.

Joscan is contacted by the mysterious children he had spotted earlier and they take him to another dimension. The two kids explain themselves : they are named Ulturpf and Kjidder. They were born on the Sol and they possess the ability to travel between dimensions, probably because their parents used to work on radioactive material on the Sol. With their help, Joscan deactivates Romeo and Julia and regains control of the Brescia.

Cedric Beust

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