713 - Roboter lügen nicht
Robots don't lie
Kurt Mahr

The reason why Seneca has been behaving strangely is that it detected a kindred spirit on Last Stop. It is actively looking for it while preventing the Terrans from finding out about this strange entity. The Terrans are busy finding the devices, baptized "Gadgets", that they suspect are holding back the Sol on the planet. Several of them have been found already and are being analyzed by scientists on board the spaceship.

Galbraith Deighton notices that some of these devices are missing and he starts suspecting Seneca. The Terrans are also wondering if the Gadgets were not actually teleported on the surface after the Sol landed. One night, Pucky notices Keloskians walking in the forest and suddenly disappearing. He manages to activate the fictive transmitter they are using and finds himself teleported inside Seneca, where no other human had gone yet.

Several Keloskians are gathered there with the missing Gadgets. Seneca is apparently concluding a pact with them which will eventually lead to dispossessing the Terrans from the Sol. Pucky manages to convince Seneca that he is being manipulated and the Keloskians soon retreat with their mysterious Gadgets.

Cedric Beust

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