712 - Am Rand der 7. Dimension
On the edge of the Seven Dimensions
H.G. Francis

As the Cinderella is flying away from the Sol with its forty-people crew, an old man materializes on board through the transmitter. He looks familiar to the commandant but no communication is possible. The man dies a few minutes later. The Cinderella arrives in the proximity of a black hole. with a double system in its vicinity. They land on one of its planets.

The crew discovers a two hundred meter high cylindric building. The construction is emitting radiations which seem to be connected with the black hole. Given the unusual nature of the black hole, the Terrans think that it is being artificially created and maintained by the structure. Shortly after a team has been sent to explore the building, called the Altrakulfth, seventeen Keloskian spaceships land around the Cinderella.

The Keloskians remotely take control of the Cinderella and send it in direction of the black hole. The Terran team on the planet destroys some installations inside the building, hoping to make the black hole disappear. Then the Keloskians contact them. They won't explain why they sacrificed the Cinderella inside the black hole but they tell the Terrans that the construction is actually a device that contains the black hole. If it stopped working, the black hole would immediately grow and engulf the whole system, and soon thereafter the small galaxy itself. The Keloskians eventually manage to stabilize the black hole.

As the Cinderella is about to plunge inside the black hole, the commandant decides to escape through the transmitter. When he materializes back, he has aged several decades and he has traveled back in time, when the Cinderella was arriving in the vicinity of the black hole.

Cedric Beust

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