711 - Die Unendlich-Denker
The Endless Thinkers
Ernst Vlcek

The Sol detects four SVE-spaceships flying by Last Stop. Intrigued by the presence of Larens in a galaxy so distant from the Milky Way, Icho Tolot and Pucky decide to follow them, using a spaceship that has not been put in contact with the atmosphere of the planet. The Larens land on a nearby planet, soon followed by Tolot and Pucky.

The mouse-beaver detects other beings on the planet but he can barely sense their thoughts. The creatures are tall and bear similarities with elephants, more notably their hands, which hardly have any fingers. It looks like these creatures cannot manipulate anything. Pucky assumes that the city they live in was built by the Larens, but wonders what they asked in exchange.

Tolot and Pucky explore one of their spaceships and contact one of them, called Eptrocur. The creatures are called Keloskians and they possess five brains. This particularity makes them extremely good mathematicians, allowing them to manipulate complex notions such as seven-dimension calculus. They also call themselves endless thinkers. Eptrocur tells the Terrans that they are a member of the Council of the Seven. They collaborate with the Larens by planning the expansion of the Council and supplying them with scientific brakthroughs. In return, the Larens manufacture what they need.

Suddenly, the alarms goes off and the spaceship is surrounded by a Paratron shield. A spokesperson of the Keloskians called Vahnvatt comes on board to talk with Pucky and Tolot. He tells them that a black hole is consuming Balayndagar, and that their only hope is to use the Sol to escape. Therefore, they decided to block the Terran spaceship on Last Stop. A Laren spaceship lands on the planet. The Larens have detected the Paratron field and have come to ask the Keloskians the reason why it's up. Worried that the Larens might learn about their plans about the Terrans and the Sol, the Thinkers are forced to turn the shield off, freeing Tolot and Pucky. The Larens take off, unaware of the Terrans' presence and of the double game the Keloskians are playing.

Pucky and Tolot return ton Last Stop and report to Rhodan. The new information is fed into Seneca, which reacts strangely to it : most of the data seems to get lost in the complex circuitry of the computer. Rhodan also sends several commandos to look for the devices that were found earlier on the planet, which are now almost guaranteed to have been installed by Keloskians to keep the Sol grounded.

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