709 - Stahlfestung Titan
Steel-Fortress Titan
William Voltz

Leticron, who has withdrawn in his steel fortress on Titanium, is challenged by Obskoner Maylpancer to fight for his title of First Hetran. Using his psychic abilities, Leticron learns from Tekener's mind about the presence of the consciousness of the Old Mutants in the three cyborgs. Leticron wants to use the PEW metal hidden in Erty Grammlonds in order to extract his spirit and transfer it into the steel fortress, therefore leading an eternal existence.

The Larens, who favor Maylpancer as new Hetran, allow Tekener and the cyborgs to escape, hoping they will contribute to Leticron's downfall. Maylpancer manages to kill Leticron and becomies the new Hetran of the Milky Way. When Leticron tries to transfer his consciousness inside the fortress, he realizes that he is not powerful enough and remains prisoner of the small chunk of PEW metal.

Cedric Beust

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