706 - Verkünder des Sonnenboten
Preachers of the Solar Messenger
H.G. Francis

In the Milky Way, Atlan has created Einstein Empire, a new base for the resistance located on Gaa, in Provcon-Faust. The scientists there have finally created a new weapon against the Larens. They are called Multi-Cyborgs, or Mucys for short. Altan intends to disseminate the cyborgs, who look like Heavies, among the human population.

Colonel Vancon Tabhun takes off from Gaa on board the Doogen, with three cyborgs. He heads for the Milky Way in order to examine the situation there. The Doogen lands on a Fretiklia, a colonial world whose inhabitants treat Tabhun as the Vhrato, a mythical figure supposed to free them from the Larens.

A Heavy is discovered on the Doogen and is shot before he can escape. However, he had the time to send a message and soon, a fleet of Heavies arrives on Fretiklia to destroy the Doogen. The spaceship is rescued by an unknown spherical spaceship announcing that the Milky Way will soon be freed by Vhrato, the Solar Messenger.

Cedric Beust

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