705 - Flucht aus dem Imperium-Alpha
Escape from Imperium-Alpha
William Voltz

Breslauer, Reginald's Bull personal robot, receives a radio impulse from the non-Aphilian robots in Imperium-Alpha. The robots had identified forty years ago what went wrong in Bull's cell-activator, which caused him to become infected. Breslauer emits a five-dimensional pulse that corrects Bull's deficient activator. The State Marshal regains his emotions and, realizing what is going on, flees from Imperium-Alpha. He is captured as he is about to leave.

When Roi Danton learns about Bull's failed attempt, he goes to Imperium-Alpha under one of his disguises and teams up with Crelty, an Outsider. The two men manage to rescue Bull and Breslauer.

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