701 - Sprung in die Freiheit
Jump into Freedom
H.G. Ewers

Before leaving the Sol system, Rhodan has two tasks to accomplish. First, he must staff the Sol with enough people. A few years earlier, he had created a colony on Fort Carrent. As the Sol approaches the system, they notice that its sun, Malibu, is surrounded by an unknown energy field. The Sol breaks through it and lands on Fort Carrent. The colons and their children are boarded and the Sol punches its way back through the cloud. The scientists find out that the field was actually a living creature.

Then Rhodan wants to recover the eighteen robots that contain the sum of human knowledge, which he had created while trying to escape the Larens. The robots are still on the Moon, guarded by Nathan. Rhodan sends a Siganese commando there.

The Siganese find help on the Moon from non-Aphilians, who still trust that Rhodan will find a way to come back and free the Earth. Back on the Sol, Seneca receives the knowledge from the robots and the Sol leaves the Maelstrom of Stars for an unknown destination.

Cedric Beust

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