700 - Aphilie
Kurt Mahr

Seventy years have gone by since the Earth has stabilized its orbit around Medallion. However, the sun emits a radiation that is causing a mutation on the Terrans. Fifty percent of the population is now touched by what is called the Aphily, a disease that causes a total loss of feelings. Terrans are losing the ability to feel love, hatred or emotions. Only the owners of a cell-activator seems to be immune against the Aphily. The scientists predict that within ten years, 99% of the population will be touched.

A new order is emerging on the Earth, led by the Aphilians, who want to take the Humans into a new era where no feelings will be needed. The Terrans still untouched by the Aphily form a resistance movement and a civil war erupts on the Earth. The resistants are using the Book of Love as a symbol of their fight, a book which seems to cause the reader to have feelings again. A more radical group of Aphilians starts commiting terrorist acts. They call themselves the Servants of the Reason and they are led by the mysterious Brother One.

Meanwhile, the Terrans have been using these seven decades to build a new kind of spaceship. Baptized the Sol, this new spaceship is made of two Universe Class cruisers, each one 2500 meters big, connected by a 1500 meter long central rod. The Sol was built in an attempt to reach the Milky Way.

A resistant contacts Perry Rhodan and tells him that the Servants of the Reason have a spy very close to him. Rhodan asks for a reunion of the immortals and soon confronts the traitor : he is no one else than Reginald Bull, who reveals that he is Brother One. Although unaffected by the Aphily thanks to his cell-activator, Bull says that he sees the disease as a chance for the Humanity to enter a new era. He has all the immortals arrested and tried.

Perry Rhodan is forced to plead guilty or his whole group will be executed. Their sentence is to be banned from the Earth. They are to board the Sol and leave the Earth, never to come back again. Roi Danton, Rhodan's son, decides to stay on the Earth in order to help the Resistance. The crew of the Sol is made of all the Immortals, Icho Tolot, Lord Zwiebus and about a thousand people.

As the Sol is beginning its long trip toward the Milky Way, Rhodan tries to find some sleep in his room. Suddenly, a message appears before his eyes : "The prophecy begins its fulfillment. The seven seals must be broken. The first one will open the door to freedom and thoroughness". He soon understands that he has been the only one receiving this message, and he remembers the prophecy that the Immortal told him in the past...

Cedric Beust

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