70 - Die letzten Tage von Atlantis
The Last Days Of Atlantis
K.H. Scheer

On 5 May 2042 it is determined that the passage of Bell in the physiotron on Wanderer has not gone smoothly and he begins to have unexpected side effects to include becoming younger. If the process is not stopped, in three weeks he will once again become an infant. The only solution is to have him go through the cell shower again, but this time in semispace. The physiotron is disassembled and installed on an antigrav platform. The DRUSUS opens a window to the Druuf universe and the platform passes through. To the surprise of the Terrans, time now only passes four times slower in the Druuf universe. The conditions of semispace are simulated while a protective energy bell is erected around the platform. Bell enters the physiotron while several auxiliary vessels protect the platform from the intervention of Druuf vessels. The treatment is successful and they return to Wanderer. There, they are informed that new planets have been depopulated. For Atlan, the disappearance of humans and animals is occurring in order to balance the two temporal planes.

The immortal contacts Pucky and tells him that, as a result of its recent experience in semispace, it has lost a part of its psychic mass and needs a rest. One of ITís statements has a big effect on Atlan and his memories of his time on Atlantis comes back to the surface.

Atlan, who is still in the Larsaf System, receives a message from the Arkon Council. He is instructed to make Larsaf an advance base of the Arkonide Imperium, to defend the system and to encourage its colonization. Contrary to the demands of Atlan, no reinforcements are sent. The fast cruiser Matoni leaves with a message for the Imperator. If Atlan does not receive any reinforcements in several weeks, he will abandon the system.

Shortly afterwards, an auxiliary vessel of the TOSOMA lands on Atlantis. Its commander announces that a relativity field is spreading out on Larsa. He also saw a gigantic funnel forming in space out of which came four unknown ships that attacked him. The TOSOMA and the PAITO leave for Larsaf II. After eight days of waiting, the unknown ships appear. Atlan studies them and notes that they donít cross the funnels unless they remain stable for at least three hours. When some vessels appear again in a funnel, Atlanís two cruisers go into action. They materialize before the hostile squadron, which they immediately destroy, and then they dive into the funnel. They emerge in a universe where the dominant color is crimson. After having attacked a planet possessing spaceports and factories, they return to the normal universe.

Upon their return to normal space, Atlan is informed that nine days have gone by in his absence. About hundred ships are now attacking Larsaf III. They immediately attack the hostile force but the PAITO is destroyed and the TOSOMA is badly damaged. As the only person capable of opening the submarine dome, Atlan is forced by the commander of the TOSOMA, who also happens to be his oldest friend and mentor, to leave the ship. In the company of Lieutenant Cunor, Atlan reaches the surface. There he witnesses the destruction of the TOSOMA.

While Atlantis is being ravaged by atomic explosions, Atlan and Cunor spend four months in suspended animation. Upon awakening, they only find primitive life on the surface. Cunor is ultimately killed by a barbarian in the north. Atlan is now alone. He installs a device which reacts to the least disturbance of the continuum and then goes into hibernation for five hundred years. The robot Rico is assigned to watch over him.

After the narration of Atlan, the Drusus leaves Wanderer.

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